Upon my return from a recent trip, Avery was the happiest little man I have seen in a long time! Not only did Aldona walk him multiple times a day, but she would play fetch with him until he tired (which is a hard thing to accomplish with a 4lb Yorkie!!) In addition Aldona picked him up from the groomer and took him to her house where she has a play room for the doggies. Avery had the best time and it was so convenient and easy for me! Avery can't wait for another visit!!

    -Mary Catherine Day and Avery

I've witnessed Aldona's work for several years and I can say that the shelter dogs she volunteers with and my own rescue pooches are some seriously lucky puppies! My boys are always super excited to see her, a little too excited in fact but she always knows how to calm them. She has a confident and loving rapport with animals which is essential with my high energy dogs. On a personal level, she is highly capable and extremely dependable. I would be the first to recommend her as a dog sitter/walker, she loves my dogs as I do and has the right experience to deal with their issues. There aren't many people I trust to understand how to handle my dogs and it's such a blessing and relief to have her help our family.

     -Jackie Elliott, Raleigh and Zoe.

Recently our little love, Vega, blew out her knee! We got her to the vet and an expensive surgery was scheduled. They told us that AFTER the surgery was a very important time--12 weeks for her bone to heal! We'd have to severely restrict her activity to allow proper healing. We have 2 long days per week where were gone for over 9 hours and decided we needed some help with letting Vega out to potty. Aldona came to mind since she's a friend of a friend. My friend Lance described her to me as "a dog whisperer"! Aldona is so professional. The other review mentions her intake papers-and I agree-they are very thorough! You definitely get the feeling that she cares and is responsible. It's a great feeling to know that she's thought of things you may have forgotten. She has a great interaction with my dog, and with me! I appreciate her attention to detail and compassionate nature. Also appreciated are her prices. I found them to be very reasonable! I highly recommend Aldona and LuxCanine!


   -Bo LaCalle Lee and Vega

We recently went out of town for a few days, and signed our pooch up for the overnight stay and midday walk services with LuxCanine. We had fretted over whether to board our dog again, as he has bad allergies and gets pretty anxious in new places- so, he always seemed to come home sick after being boarded or kenneled. Aldona was very professional - her intake covered everything (including things I wouldn't have thought to tell her), and she kept a log of our dog's activities during their visits. She led him on energy-expending midday adventures to nearby parks, and gave him lots of love and attention during the overnight stays. I think my dog was so happy with the care, he was probably a little disappointed to see us return, and to go back to routine! It was great for our peace of mind, too, knowing that he was not thrown into an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces, as well as knowing that our home wasn't empty for days on end. Our dog seemed content, and displayed none of the maladjustment issues he typically exhibits when we've had to board him in the past. If he could get a tattoo that said "LuxCanine," he probably would!

   - Shaundar Bradbury and Quincy