Neighborhoods We Serve

Individual Dog Walk

Private pampering for your one and only, consists of a 30 or 60 minute walk around your neighborhood adjusted to the dog's activity level. A great dose of exercise and fun!

  1. $20 for 30 minute walk

  2. $35 for 60 minute walk

  3. $5 for each additional dog

Minimum of 2 walks per week required in order to maintain a consistent exercise schedule for your dog and guarantee availability.

Overnight Stay

Love and care while you’re away! Overnight dog sitting at the client’s home from 7pm – 8am. Includes two 30 minute walks (evening and morning), feeding, play, kisses and cuddles. Go forth and vacation without guilt! Your baby

is in good hands.

  1. $70 per night, up to two pets

  2. $5 for each additional pet

  3. $15 optional 30 minute afternoon visit available

      upon request

  1. Beacon Hill

  2. Central District

  3. Columbia City

  4. Denny-Blaine

  5. Leschi

  6. Madrona

  7. Madison Park

  8. Madison Valley

  9. Montlake

  10. Mount Baker

  11. Portage Bay

  12. Seward Park

LuxCanine Service Area

Drop-In Visit

A fantastic option for older dogs, puppies, or divas who frown upon getting their paws wet in the rain. Our drop-in visits focus on play time in the house/yard, unlimited cuddles, and include a 15 minute walk. Also a great alternative to overnight stays for vacationing parents.

  1. $20 for 30 minute walk

  2. $35 for 60 minute walk

  3. $5 for each additional dog



Extras - Dogs & Cats

Water will always be provided. Feeding and administration of medication can be arranged at the owner's request, free of charge. Extensive medical care subject to additional cost.


  1. $5 extra per service

Holidays include Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.

Drop-In Visit

We love fabulous felines! Our visits include feeding, litter box maintenance, playtime, and most importantly, head scratches and cuddles they won’t stop purring about.

  1. $20 for 30 minute visit

  2. $35 for 60 minute visit

  3. $5 for each additional cat